Friday, May 16, 2014

Beer Friday. Wunderful Pilsner

A long, long, long time ago. There was this local biking blog that did it's own beer reviews. When suddenly... Whoosh! Those reviews vanished. Well ladies and gentlemen. I'm happy to say those reviews are back starting tonight. I could lie and say the beer review team died in a horrific clown vs spider monkey unicycle collision. They were the poor bystanders when sad and horrific dreams collided in front of them but I'm not a person who fibs. Truth be told, the beer review team was all fired for testing chai tea on a competing bike blog. I don't put up with insubordination on this here blog and  when I say be loyal, I mean it. Thus I am reviewing this one by myself. A ballsy move most competing bike blog/ drink review blog bosses would not attempt.

Brewed somewhere in Germany where I dare not trying to type out the name of the town, this one pours a clear yellowish stream much like that of a mid morning pee when you have not drank enough water during the day as of yet. The lacing on the glass seems to linger heavily on the glass as this one is downed. A good beer with earthy hops and a hint of lemon. Not one to mail to your long lost friend in Afghanistan but an ok one to have on a Friday night, kinda like what I'm doing.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5

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