Friday, July 4, 2014

Beer Friday. Skinners, Cornish Knocker

The return of beer Friday right smack dab in the middle of some amazing Summer weather. Yet again, another Summer where I am off the bikes all due to some sort of debilitating bullshit thing to try and ruin my Summer. I may be off the bikes for two to three more weeks, if I push myself I could end up with the whole Summer in complete disarray and turmoil. Pneumonia is something that should not be messed with, so says satan.

I apologize for all the video postings, I truly am. I normally once looked at bloggers who posted lots of videos as weak, uninspired, and unimaginative. Well in a nutshell that is somewhat me but I was opened to a cache of incredible riding videos on the inter webs when I was bed ridden. So rest assured there will be more posted in the coming weeks as I patiently sit by my bikes with tears clutching a bottle of wine thinking of what could have been. With the stress of another bad Summer I turned my thoughts to Winter and realized I probably ride more in those months. The beer pour photo may have an indication as to what is coming. The Lonebiker bike den is going to get a whole lot better in the Fall... Giggidy.

Anyways.. enough about me. Skinners Cornish Knockers has one of, if not the best labels I have seen in a long time. Brewed in the United Kingdom where my boys are currently sitting and having a fine spot of tea and licking their wounds after one of the most disappointing World Cup performances in team history. Will this English brew make up for such a drab performance?

The beer was poured like a contender and I stopped and waited for the Houston Texan cheerleaders to come out and lift me up and crowd surf me as they chanted "Lonebiker rules! Lonebiker Rules! etc..." But sadly looked down and saw my dog peeing on the plastic bag that brought the beer home in and I was awakened in the sad reality that is my life. The first taste was quite incredible. Was it that good as it's been that long since my last beer review? Could be. Fresh English hops laced with traces of caramel, lemon and something I cannot discern. Here is hoping that will come to me one day while in a medicated state (I'm guessing next Summer, once I am down and out after riding lots).  The rest of the beer drizzled down sadly and it wasn't the same as the first few sips. Almost like the flavour dissipated. How strange.

This beer bets 3.5 suds out of 5

my! what a busy pour shoot!

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