Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Night Sauna Ride

 An after work post pneumonia ride and I am hoping  to be on the mend. A short one all thanks to recovering and the heat. Hills tonight were tackled with the lung capacity of a 70 year old lifetime smoker but I did prevail... well mostly.

Highlights would easy be hitting single track for the first time in what seems like years. The loop once out of Mill Creek took me across the river to Dawson bridge where I crossed and stayed on mid Ewok where single track was thoroughly enjoyed on a bike that deserves to be ridden on challenging terrain. I did disappoint it immensely as I came up to a steep climb next to some old rotted out stairs and ran out of power halfway and almost did a back slide down the trail. I was quite thankful nobody was around and thought hard about selling my mountain bikes and devoting all my free time to watching the great television shows on TLC. That was the obvious lowlight. The other big highlight was riding on new brakes switched out with my new Winter bike coming to a valley near you. Shhhh... It's a lone biker secret.

Mill Creek ravine was a complete mess, I did take some pictures of the heavy trail damage but those pics didn't survive the transition from memory card to computer. It should be obvious to know not to ride trails when they are incredibly soaked but here is a friendly reminder. Please don't if you read this and do. That shit ain't cool boys and girls.

"uh huh huh huh... beavis, it says free stroke"

Toe Dabbing in the Fort SK

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