Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hanging Out in Singletrack Heaven

A late morning run through one of Edmonton's Holiest of Holies and it was fantastic. I almost pulled the plug on this one after sore legs from Saturdays ride greeted me going up the stairs this morning. Today's plan was to hit Cambodia and everything around there but with the leg situation I went to Fort Saskatchewan. That is why I love Fort Saskatchewan as it can be ridden after suffering the day before. I have had countless long rides in the mountains and river valley and hit Fort Saskatchewan the next day and conquered. Yes the trails can be quite challenging but there is not a huge strain on the cardiovascular side.

I witnessed a mini van almost take out a rider today. something I thought I would never see in all my years of riding here. It happened in the boat launch area as I was taking a break dreaming about pizza (see below picture). Talking with the guys as they rode up we agreed the mini van could never imagined two mountain bikers coming out of the woods at that moment. I'm sure most people who drive mini vans don't even know what a real mountain bike trail is. Yes, that last sentence seems a bit arrogant but when thinking of the last twenty years explaining to people where mountain bikes go and what mountain biking is... People are clueless.

The ride ended when seeing my new Winter bike on the trail, a quick chat with the guy made me happy I made this purchase (although his was carbon). His girlfriend rode up on the exact bike I was riding. Coincidence? Sign from God perhaps? I never asked her about the seat post problem. Both parties wanted to keep on moving.

mmmm... someone had pizza here, that would have been a great spot, mmm... pizza...
my old mid ride break location, washed out and full of foliage now, tears rain down every time i see this
we are being invaded by asphalt! help! this was deep into it as well, near the end

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