Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Bike Tour Followed by Some Singletrack

i was witness to this and it was awesome
If you have a chance... No wait. Go to the Tour of Alberta tomorrow no matter what the plans are, your sons birthday can wait. These are world class riders in our hometown! That being said all other life events can wait, birthdays, weddings, funerals... The Tour of Alberta is more important to witness.

Yes, I will be there tomorrow set up in an enclosed autograph tent, so if you want an autograph come early. I hear some people are camping out. If you do come there will be a security screening followed by a strip search. Also, no cologne or heavy perfume will be allowed and DO NOT even try and look me in the eyes. You should have your head down or you know what?  Just turn around and face backwards when you come see me. The security team will fill you in with the rest of the details. I will be happy to sign autographs but I have many demands.

The Tour of Alberta Stage Four landed in Sherwood Park today and I was close to the finish. Afterwards a meet up with Kent in Fort Saskatchewan.

The trails and trees sung as we rode through on truly a magical night, I guess more magical for me as Kent had numerous botched root run ins where a few wipe outs were instigated.

We had the rapidly falling sun in our eyes in the beginning, and coming back it was getting close to darkness. So dark in fact that in the shaded areas it was quite scary, well I was scared. I remarked to Kent up ahead on how dark and dicy it was and he replied"yes, I can't see shit" soon after he shifted down to go faster. That move brought tears to my eyes as this is a guy who just want's to ride his bike hard no matter the circumstance.

In the end, one of the better Fort Saskatchewan runs that I could think of, fitness is improving with each ride which is making me even more giddy about going out and riding. Yes, riding bikes really is the greatest thing ever.

off the V and onto the flat before the skinny
the success before the un-photographed  mishap, thinking back, he rode the skinnies like a champ
a now rare myself riding shot all thanks to current camera
*winner, winner, chicken dinner

* Blogger and YouTube would not upload video of the peleton screaming by. I smell a conspiracy.

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