Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fort Saskatchewan Being Fort Saskatchewan

 I am pretty sure when one is a good boy or girl and you die and go to Heaven you will get there and it will be endless miles of amazing singletrack where you will never get tired.

I'm sure Fort Saskatchewan will be included in the Heaven trail network. Todays late morning meet up with Gord and his son Kevin showed us why life is awesome when you spend some time on fat tires.

The heavily ladened picture fest ride where ironically I left my SLR at home was done on tacky trails that screamed loudly to be ridden. This was Kevin's first time out in Edmonton area's Holiest of the Holies. He wore a full River Valley Cycle kit which was pretty sweet. Memories of the old days had me thinking of their once Whyte ave location backing on to Mill Creek, the move and eventual fire, rebirth and then bankruptcy had me crying like a baby the entire ride. Luckily I was in front and nobody saw me crying as I am sure Kevin would have beat my ass for crying while riding.

Yet another incredible ride which is making Summer two-fourteen quite memorable and the pneumonia that kicked it off is slowly being forgotten. Log rides were handled by Kevin. Gord ruled the day navigating his hardtail around the heavily ladened roots that scare the weekend warriors away on their Supercycle bikes. While I floated over them with my cheater 5" couch bike. Yes, I love my Altitude but there is really nothing better than a hardtail. Go ahead and write me angry letters. This is how I truly feel, trail bikes are awesome but you are a lot more connected to the trail on a hardtail.

The problem with Fort Saskatchewan is it is so good and it ends so fast. The last two rides had me begging for more at the end. Gord informed me of some good samplings to be had alongside the river heading East. I gave up on that trail a long time ago due to the overgrowth and downed trees. Apparently all that is fixed now. hmm...

so many awesome sections in this little paradise
as i said, so many awesome sections in this little paradise
leaves and log crossings are a good way to spend a sunday
one of many, many ladder bridges
kevin ruling the roost
as i said before, so many awesome sections. in case you were not paying attention

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