Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Importance of the Pre Ride Package Tuck

the pre ride package tuck done to absolute perfection, second from the left might need an adjustment 
A very important part of riding for guys would no doubt be the pre ride package tuck. If done improperly your man parts will interfere with the flow of your ride falling in between your saddle and inner thigh possibly ruining your ride and you will go home frustrated and angry at your boys down below.

I have often mentioned the pre ride package tuck on here and sometimes the frustrations of not getting it done properly and a couple of times it was so bad as everything flopped around with each pedal stroke you could not focus on the trail. so I have a few points for you guys so you could ride unobstructed and free without your boys slipping in-between your thigh and the saddle or bouncing around like a teenaged girl high on ecstasy at her first house party. because we all know, that is the worst.

* Boxer underwear and cargo shorts are forbidden on a bike! Are you kidding me? Do I even have to explain this one to you?

* Spandex. It's the mans fabric, for those who go out on rides and still wear the tight shorts I salute you! I was done with those years ago, graduated to riding shorts and never looked back. I do however
wear spandex underneath my riding shorts for some chamois comfort but most importantly it gives me a tight spot to place my junk up and out of the way so I can enjoy the great ride I deserve before I break my next bone. So if you don't have a pair go ahead and treat yourself. You and your boys deserve it.

* If you don't have a pair of spandex shorts find a pair of tight fitting briefs. Not a great fabric to stick your boys up and out of the way but it may hold them for long enough moments to enjoy some riding. (note: Be prepared to have to stop several times for man package adjustments)

* Don't be afraid to stick your hand down there pre ride and adjust things at the trailhead. The moments before stepping on the bike is the most critical time. You don't want to stop one kilometre in and have to adjust because you were to lazy at the beginning.

* Remember the "up and stare at the sky" rule. Grab him and point him upwards and lock him and his boys in that position so he is out of the way and most importantly, he has to stare up at the true boss in his life for a few hours.

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