Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rusty Legs

A quick one from Capilano Park to Dawson isn't really deserving of being posted on here but what the hell. I will post away cause I am that kind of guy. Well with the Lonebiker CEO staring over top of me I have no choice.

The ride did break the 5 kilometer Lonebiker rule, meaning anything under 5 km does not warrant a blog post. Hitting close to ten (I think) so this post is warranted. Thus the CEO of standing right behind me warming up his firing finger I have no choice.

The ride. Short and sufferable was still a thousand times better than staying at home. This had everything I needed to put a smile on my face.

* Fresh snow to plow through on a ridiculous bike. Check.
* Friendly trail hikers who put a smile on my face. Check
* No lameass dogs to chase me. Check.
* Light snow falling adding to the lustre of the river valley. Check.
* Riding through that light snow falling and the awesome that it brings. Check.

Yep, not a bad ride indeed..

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