Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sudden Biking

A day that was meant for the couch and football didn't quite turn out that way. My den which is the keeper of my bikes had my new orange wonder bike in view from the couch and we kept exchanging looks like two high school kids discovering that they might like each other. My legs were extremely sore, my arm and knee were hurting from my fall down those nasty ass stairs and the rest of my body was feeling the affects from navigating Cambodia yesterday.



I could not take it anymore, I was feeling randy for a ride. Randy like getting out of prison after serving ten years and going home to your wife. I needed my fix and I needed it now.

So off I went. "I'll make it short and stay on the flats" I thought to myself getting ready. Just under 27 kilometres later I was driving home with a giant smile on my face. This evening was incredible. 

From the light falling snow in Mackinnon to the singletrack light up by my lights in the Capitol Hill trails on the way to Hawerlak. The return home had me in awe as the lights reflecting off the snow put me in a much needed Christmas mood. 

I'm glad I let my bike lust take over today. This one was a winner.

lets go oil-lers...

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