Sunday, February 22, 2015

Torn, Tattered, and Broken

The second rough ride in a row and I am now sitting and typing this with a case of the chills and an achy body accompanied with a very sore left arm. The river valley had its way with me today.

The ride started off poorly on my pre ride preparation. A giant hole in the ass region on my outer Summer riding shorts that I wear over my Winter tights. This is now the second pair in a week that have opened up on me leaving me with no shorts to wear. I wore the shorts anyways today combined with my worn out and ripped Winter jacket, I looked like poverty on a fatbike today.

Deep down. I don't care. The shorts bug me as I cannot ride in those, especially in the Summer. Thankfully I have lot's of birthday money now so I can remedy this rather serious situation.

The ride started in Henrietta Louise Park. I crossed the river and rode the chunky pockmarked paved trails and got sick of it and crossed Walterdale and rode singletrack throughout Kinsmen park, Hawerlak, and crossed and returned on the North side after running into Lonebiker star Jason who was with Kyle, a pretty cool guy who I hope to ride with in the coming months.

They departed and shortly after so did I into the depths of Laurier Park riding singletrack and very quickly having my remaining energy sapped. I rode the steep climb out and was toast. This ride was finished.

The return home was spent on paved trails plugging along dreaming of the Jeep.

What the hell was wrong with me?

The ride home was capped off with a large showing of not so awesome. The hidden ice below the fresh snow took me down hard on the iced unforgiving ground. My left arm didn't want to move to well afterward and I rode the rest of the way one handed.

This ride beat me up. Sometimes bikes do that. But I still love you bikes.

frozen in fatbike ruts, beyond nasty

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