Friday, March 6, 2015

Downtown Loop

After a rather hectic week once the work situation seems to have gotten itself righted I finally got out on a warm March Friday.

It was warm but I didn't complain. It is March after all and the weather is supposed to be like this. If this was January I would be on here furiously typing away like I was upset about some bad politicians (insert Jim Prentice blaming Albertan's punchlines here). Or someone had sideswiped my wife's car and drove off.

The trails were magnificent given the weather. I rode from Henrietta Louise south side through Old Timers, and Gnome trail where I could not locate the new section. I stopped and walked back wondering what happened. I did see heavy snow dipping into what looked like the new section and wondered why it wasn't ridden. How strange. So the old section was ridden down behind the bathroom and I proceeded West through Emily Murphy where a crossing took place.

The rest of the short ride was quite boring, well it was still awesome as I was on a bike but heavy melt was happening and I hated the thought of all that shit running up into my drivetrain. especially on the streets and multi use. We are getting into bad bike abuse weather so all you faithful riders say a little prayer for your drive trains would ya?

The ride ended at the Red Bull Crashed Ice course where they had everything completely blocked off. My favourite bathroom was completely closed and I was pissed. "How long is all this shit going to be here?" I asked a security guard more interested in her phone than talking to me. I left and swore a mean obscenity low and quiet her way under my breath. I'm such a badass...

you see that nature people? woodpeckers can be real assholes
sigh... get out of my valley you.. you.. heathens. ok, i'll admit, i kind of want to go to that
my quick release on the brink of disaster all thanks to some bad hard ice wipe outs

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