Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Bike Punched Me in the Gooch Today and I Kind of Liked It

A ride that featured some of Edmonton's best trails. With Terwilllegar's newest problems I can't see the visits increasing to that area. Only a bridge ride now would probably bring me back to Terwillegar Park. 

The ride from Henrietta Louise Edwards park to Cambodia was another memorable one. Me and the hardtail have bonded very strongly since the Rocky decided to fail me. I rode Ewok backwards (heading East) which was a bit rough but I made it through unscathed. 

The highlight or lowlight of the ride happened in Cambodia on the return heading west right after riding by the trail junction taking you to Pipedream. It was a quick hop over some roots and suddenly boom! The tip of my saddle had made sudden and rash contact with ones gooch and the pain was quite indescribable. 

I sat on the side of the trail for a bit and tried to compose myself. It was quite terrible for the first five minutes but once I composed myself the ride continued along with the pain and it seemed as though the two combined made for a great return back to the Jeep. Like a sex crazed maniac who loves being burnt with candle wax and hooked up to car batteries via their nipples or genitals. The pain was there along with the pleasure of riding and oddly enough, it was pretty fabulous.

In the end, a great ride with only a short time until I am back up North in God's country.

chilling by the river wondering how far to go 
yes, this sticker right here placed on a garbage can in the edmonton river valley just might stop harper
the beginning of yet another trail on another ride, could this week be any better?
a stop from riding to hunt ewoks

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