Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Still Happy in Edmonton

Normally when I return form a trip elsewhere in some fine part of the world I return home grumpy and unsatisfied with that place we call Edmonton. Call me a douchebag, or call me hard to please. I have been like this my whole life and as the aging continues I fall more in love with Edmonton. So I'm getting better.

It usually took a return to the river valley bike ride to sway me back into loving Edmonton but this ride wasn't about trying to force myself back into being a happy Edmontonian (yes I know I'm from Beaumont but really? Stop judging me! Beaumont is practically Edmonton, except Beaumont kind of sucks). I was happy when I got home. Happy to be home. That is something that never happened before.

The shorter ride today from Mill Creek's upper parking lot through my fine lady aka 'Victoria' aka 'Victoria's secret' and to Mackinnon was a fine day spent in a fine valley.

The trails at the time were all in great shape. With ominous clouds around I didn't think it would last too long but other than a short five minute downpour. I was dry.

The highlights were the trails (obviously). They greeted me with open arms knowing I was in Canada's mecca for anything outdoor related last week. It was a very typical Edmonton mountain bike ride. Great singletrack with small mud puddles in various spots of the trail. With challenging singletrack meeting you around every corner.

Once the downpour hit I retreated to the multi use. It was a fine return to Edmonton.

Although a town called Fernie keeps rolling through my head.

oh yes indubitably... i concur 
on the entrance to groat road roller coaster, i rode it because i'm badass, that's right ladies

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