Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beer Friday, Brash, Smoglifter Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

The return of Beer Friday on a Saturday evening after spending the day back at work,  so it is rightfully earned. We apologize for the lack of reviews as of late but it was hard to do whilst not doing anything. I hope that makes sense. I always looked at beer as a reward for a long day or week of work. That is what makes it so much better.

Beer is the reward after a long week of working.

Much, much, much, better after coming home from Fort McMurray after three weeks. Trust me, I know.

With a new job much is in the air as to riding. Late afternoon's and weekends will now be closed off for the ritualistic orgasmic nature otherwise known as "spinning the cranks through the hills and the trees." The hope is to get a ride in before work. Show up all sweaty and gross, get more sweaty and gross and then blog and go to bed. With unknown hours it will be hard to see what happens as I like to think I take my career serious and once again, I have a pretty good position in a very dreary job market.

I just self high fived myself in front of the entire beer review team and now things are awkward.

So in short. Things may or may not be slow on here. But who cares, we have beer to review.

Brash Brewery located in Massachusetts has a pretty good website despite it's blog not being updated since December 12th, 2013. As a fellow blogger. I am upset with you Brash Brewery. What looks like five beers to choose from this does look like a pretty delicate brewery. Whom moved out of Texas in search of better weather... Hence the move to Massachusetts, and I agree. The non stop hot weather would suck sweaty clown balls.

The excitement to this one knows no bounds. You see this one is modelled behind the greatest drink in the world (sorry beer) Chocolate milk. The greatest liquid known to man and I love every last drop like a fat man loves going going to Wal Mart in his sweatpants on a Saturday afternoon. Their written words on this beer on the website is true poetry genius, and I quote "Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn't like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good. Imperial chocolate stout brewed with real cocoa, clocking in at 10% abv, and making love to your mouth like a horny sorority girl." 

Yep, pretty great.

The pour was done in front of a very enthusiastic beer review team as the return of Beer Friday has embraced us once again! the pour gave us a very dark impassioned looking dark stout hidden with chocolate awesomeness! I could have died right at that moment and been overly satisfied with life.

The sips were had and it filled me with chocolate, coffee, truffles, and angry fruit that hates it's Mother.

All those tastes combined with roasted malts had this a beer that was quite incredible... Yet it didn't seem to all mash up together quite properly. Or did it? Each sip told me a different story. It was all love with the chocolate but every sip gave me different feelings, all good and bad.

This one is a pretty crazy and cool journey. If you can find it, try it. Yay chocolate milk.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5

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