Friday, August 14, 2015

Rash Decisions

A ride from Mill Creeks finest Velodrome where I skirted around a lot of the sexy beasts known as West Coast and Gnome after electing to ride on the North Side.

This was one where weird on the fly rash decisions were made keeping me on a rather unusual route compared to what has been ridden as of late. I did get to see my girl Victoria and was a bit upset at the trash littered all over the trail. With the trash littered from the homeless I was a bit antsy coming around the many blind corners hoping I didn't run into trouble.

In the end. Trouble didn't find me.

I had planned to stay on the North side all the way to Laurier but I was lured across the bridge into Emily Murphy where the climb up to Six Shooter ensued after watching a bunch bratty kids run their River Valley camp counsellor crazy.

It was pretty great, and I'm glad I don't have small kids anymore.

I had planned to either ride back down Six Shooter or drop into the Hawerlak to Shiny Ball route with a climb back up to ride down Six Shooter but as the title of this one is. A rash decision was made and I rode the mean streets of Edmonton back.

Some rain clouds looked menacing and my Jeep stood at the velodrome sans top.

So I booked it back. It never rained.

Rash decisions.

oh victoria my love, why you so trashy?
seahawks game day, hence the game day socks were worn

cleaning up the folk fest, summer is going by way too fast
one of the views on my rash decision to return home

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