Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hopeless November

A ride that wasn't supposed to happen but after watching football in the morning and seeing it probably transition to the afternoon knowing there was a Seahawks game at night I would have had a pretty pathetic day.

The couch would not win today. I had to get out for a short one.

The ride started at Capilano park where a strong feeling of Winter filled the air. With no snow yet I knew this could be the last ride for the Summer bikes for the year. A rather sad thought but watching fat bike Winter videos in my post ride Enrigue Iglesias music filled candle light post ride bubble bath has finally got me excited for Winter fat biking.

I rode trails on the North side and pavement home on the South. The trails were filled with frozen leaves making things a bit dicey but being the consummate professional I am I handled it like a pro. The traffic was minimal today as expected but I couldn't help wondering why more wouldn't be out on an incredible November afternoon.

Here is hoping the pathetic 15km and under rides go away soon.

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