Saturday, December 5, 2015

And Then There Were Fat Bikes

After a very long delay in rides it finally happened.

It wasn't supposed to happen, not until Christmas break but it happened.

A ride broke out this afternoon and I was lucky enough to have Gord and Kent there for the journey through Mill Creek Millwoods Aka "Gord's Country."  A place I rode in my infant biking youth but forgot about as the river valley blossomed into it's awesome self we all know today.

On this day.. Global Fat Bike day. Really? Do we really need this I ask? I'm sure this adds fuel to the fat biking haters who will soon all be out there in droves if this fat bike furor gets any bigger. Global Fat Bike day? Now come on! What about the rigid single speeds? They deserve their own day too!

Mill Creek Millwoods  aka Jackie Parker Recreation Area is nothing like the Mill Creek we all know and love. It does have an appeal, especially to those who live in the area. A simple get out your door and spin through the woods policy is one that exists here. If some people dedicated some time and reworked some of the old trails here this area has huge potential.

Mind you, only one ride in very shitty snow conditions does put a dark cloud over things. That being said, the first ride in I don't know how long the whole experience was a bit orgasamic. Shudders of orgasms ripped through my bike as some singletrack was ridden but quickly went away as a dead end suddenly appeared or a creek crossing. As I said, this ravine has huge potential. It just needs a group of people to get it there.

The snow had the upper hand today as it was very granular. A few unridden trails were had and the snow grabbed my wheels and threw them left and right in a very violent manner as if to say. "Ya fuck you and your Global Fat Bike Day!" A bit frustrating to ride in but the two hours of spinning through the sugary snow was some of the best moments I've had in weeks.

I love you fat bikes.

Happy Global Fat Bike Day.

Fuck you granular snow.

kent, the star of todays photo shoots, gord just gave me the finger
a sketchy bridge crossing that wasn't all that sketchy (i walked head down tail tucked)
kent steeves, photo credit, 3rd one down and this

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