Friday, February 26, 2016

Beer Friday. Innis & Gunn, Rum Finish

It's Friday and I feel normal. Can I get a Hallelujah from the floor please?

Does this mean a bike ride or two is in order for the weekend? One for sure, two is pushing it. We are lucky enough to have the Beer Friday team in after a small unexpected recluse.

As you can tell, things are a bit fucked on this year. From back injuries to sickness all preventing the great rides from happening. That also includes a completely new job which was something I feared working in a comfy foreman, management job where access was easy to get ready for the evenings after work ride.

Now things are what I was once scared of happening. A busy place laced with hundreds of people. A place where when the day ends you are rushed to get out the gate. Quite the contrast to the once easy 'get out of the shop and get things ready for the ride cause you are in charge.'

 I haven't even packed up the bike yet this year which points the finger directly at myself.

Enough about that, the weather sucks as well. The trails are a complete shitshow all thanks to the bullshit weather. That right there has killed the motivation. When someone tells you how nice of a Winter we are having, kindly grab his head, wrap it in cellophane, and beat it with an old canoe paddle until they apologize for saying such a stupid comment.

On to to the beer. Innis & Gunn. The first ever beer review to be had on this site back in the days before interns, executives, lawyers, and writers. It truly was a sad example of what a fine review should be.

Thankfully, we have come a long way since then. The pour was handled by none other than the best; C.M.E Porthus (no joke, that's his actual name) amid a hushed crowd. The pour was handled with unreal ease. Yes, C.J. You are a legend. A small one fingered head stood atop of a somewhat dark, somewhat amber nervous looking beer.

The tastes went a little like this.

First sip. Vanilla! What the heck, what a strange but good surprise.

Second sip, vanilla again but can taste the traces of rum hidden in this ones underbelly.

Third tasting and it all came together. A sweet sexy brew that can fuck your shit up if you are not careful. The taste is that of vanilla, old banana, with flowing traces of rum. In the end a strange way to get rum into the system when rum is readily available at the same places you can buy this. But, still a good one. Would I buy this again? Most likely not. But hey, that's me.

This beer gets 2.5 suds out of 5

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