Saturday, February 6, 2016

Headwinds and Ice from Hell

Another return after a long lull from no riding. The plan for the weekend did not have bikes in the scope other than maintenance issues.

I looked into the mirror this morning and snowy fluffy singletrack with bike tracks took the place of where my eyebrows once stood. How strange? A sign from the bike Gods perhaps?

Immediately I knew it had to be done today.

Sadly, we have been hampered again by warm bullshit anti-Winter mountain biking weather. Within thirty seconds of today's ride from the Edmonton Queen area my ass was completely soaking wet. I let the grumpiness flow away as each pedal stroke pushed me further down the paved trails to start things out. Each pedal stroke quickly turned into a challenge as what felt like heavy hurricane headwinds tried pushing me and my ugly big tired bike back wards.

It was windy. I swear I saw large newborn babies and smart cars flying through the air.

So I hid in the trees and things seemed fine. Singletrack was ridden and I grinned from head temple to head temple. It's been while fat bike!

Things quickly got out of hand when I rode up to the first off cambered steep section which was laced from head to to with ice. Warm weather. Please go fuck yourself.

The ride to Hawerlak and back through MacKinnon did get some more singletrack time in but a few trails and sections were skipped all thanks to this warm melt.

ummm... how about no

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