Friday, July 29, 2016

Beer Friday. König Ludwig Weissbier

Finally a return to the blog and beer Friday after a disaster of a July all thanks to work. with August looking the same as July it is time to take this long weekend and make the most of it. Well... I did have today off and there was no ride so... WTF lonebiker? Sorry, The Tragically Hip last night kind of got in the way. After Iron Maiden's final Rexall beer review I knew I couldn't touch it. Yes I could have done this last night but Mrs Lonebiker needed her rest as work was calling early in the A.M.

How was the Hip you ask? Still speechless.

Fuck you cancer.

Expect lots of Tragically Hip in the next few hundred Music Mondays.

A reunion of sorts happened at lonebiker central as all the beer staff returned from holidays. This one originates from Germany obviously given the name. If you didn't pick up on that reading the title please shut down your computer or phone and never return to this blog right now.

Give me a moment, just want to wait for all these clueless drones to leave.

Everyone gone yet?

"fuck you lonebiker, you self entitled elitist douche!"

Sorry guys, that was the last one *Door slams.

He's gone now.

Yes, Germany is where this one hails from. The website is so German I was afraid I was going to collapse from a brain haemorrhage trying to read the writing. Could I tell you exactly where this one is from? Germany. let's leave it at that. König Ludwig has plenty out there for the masses to try and given that this one is German I am over the top excited.

Let's pour this one shall we...

The pour was a bit rusty as the team is a bit dry when it comes to do beer reviews. That being said they are getting grace today but are expected to be at full strength next week or there will be firings. It gave us a good three fingered head that dissipated into a lukewarm yellow looking brew (which was still quite cold, it just looked that way.)

No lacing or any traces were left on the glass as it was downed where a good shot of yeast with traces of banana and citrus. How do I best describe this one? Refreshing! It's hot as hell out there, get out and find this one! It's worth the effort, and this comes from a man who hates banana flavoured anything.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

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