Saturday, November 26, 2016

Frozen Feet on Flat Pete

Another fat bikeless ride on trails that are in quite incredible condition. Its almost December and the riding is probably the best it has been all year. I'll gladly take this as a slight reprieve from all the crappy trails we have had thanks to the wet year that came and bitch slapped us all who love the singletrack.

The ride which started in Emily Murphy was intended to cross both Fort Edmonton and Terwillegars bridges then loop back. Unfortunately frozen feet turned me around in the beginning of Oliskew's singletrack. Yes, wearing Summer shoes and socks wasn't the noblest of ideas. Sadly I've done dumber things that ruined bike rides and making it as far as I did tonight was a victory.

Riding into the dark is one of my favourite things to do on a mountain bike. The day creeping away as you roll through the trails with lights at the ready. Did I say trails? Any trails would do. Paved, Multi, and even the sexy singletrack. It's just the feel of the valley as it descends into darkness. An awesome feeling I can't explain. Those who've done it know what I'm talking about.

Once it's dark it can be creepy. In the heart of Oliskew's singtrack a pack of coyotes were singing their death chants warning trespassers not to enter.

I entered.

Ladies... Settle down. I'm married.

Still though... I know I'm a badass motherfucker and you cannot handle it.

Ironically it wasn't too far in where I turned around. I blame the frozen feet but I know all you jealous types would think I was scared of death by a pack of rabid coyotes. Not a chance chumps! My feet were cold and I needed a candlelight, Epsom salt, lavender bubble bath to warm up.

All man bitches!

In the end, a good ride. Legs were quite sore from yesterday which seemed like endless climbing. Today I'd be surprised if I hit 100 meters but I guess I'll see when I check out the Strava stats after posting this.

Cheers kids.

spot me and win a years worth of house cleaning  by the lonebiker cleaning crew (15 second exposure whilst riding past)
hanging and pondering riding life on that sexy fort ed bridge

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