Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Bevy of Bike Fails on a Super Weekend

It was probably midday Thursday when I got myself all pumped up at work about going over 100 kilometres this weekend that may have jinxed it.

Or was it the potential job opportunity early Friday that set me off the rails? A job that will take me back to real money instead of just scraping by scrounging my way through the recession.

The job opportunity ruined my Friday as I rehashed the finer details of my resume. 'I'll ride at night' I amusingly thought to myself knowing all to well it won't happen. We did get a delicious beer review out of it so in the end not a complete loss.

Between the two rides on Saturday and today I think I got over my minimum eight kilometres for a blog post rule so I guess that does warrant a post. Yesterday a start at the staff college in Terwillegar happened and I didn't even make it to the singletrack. Leaving my daughters at home as Mrs Lonebiker worked was plaguing my brain.With a possibility of working out of town again all I could think of was them, so I threw in the towel and said "tomorrow baby!"

I'm sure if I hit the singletrack I would have sadly forgot about my children. Remember me preaching about singletrack being just like crack cocaine? Well....

Today's start in Mill Creek was pathetic as my legs had absolute zero to give. Frozen hands in the beginning was my excuse to leave earlier than I started but I did press on for a bit. As the hands warmed up I bailed out on Blue Man Group on the way up. I'm sure if you we're there today you would see my tracks abruptly stop and turn around and smirked to yourself.

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