Monday, February 13, 2017

Organ Donor Bailout

 An extremely rare Monday morning meet-up with Mr Steeves was something I just could not turn down once I saw the text invite leaving work yesterday.

Why these rides were common place in early two-fifteen when we were both victims of the sudden oil crash.

Now with us plugging our coins into the engine of commerce ride meet ups are tough. Even on weekends. So I did not even think twice about this.

We met up at the Old Timer parking lot where instantly I was entranced with Kent's wispy flowing locks of hair. Guys.... I'm not kidding. You have to see this guy in person. You owe it to yourself. That hair is just glorious.

We started with a loop riding Old Timers and West Coast Trail not to see how the snow is, we rode these trails because they are really quite awesome. It turns out despite the warm weather, the snow is quite good too.

We rode on through Gnome and the Kinseman to Emily Murphy multi use where a loud creaking had emanated from my bike driving myself quite nutty. We stopped and that's where the big difference between myself and most other riders was noticeable. I would have rode a few more kilometers and got pissy and went home to look at it on the bike rack. Kent grabbed it and found the root of the problem was a loose headset.

Girls, this guy doesn't just have fine feathery hair that talks to you in the wind, he's pretty smart too...

Ok.. Enough about the hair. This is really getting weird.

Six Shooter was climbed and Machete was descended. Eventually I was breaking in the 9 Zero 7 on a new trail named Organ Donor in the Alfred Savage rec area of the valley. My first impression was it's a bit like Selkirk with a few lung busting climbs. Yet there is something quite intriguing about it. Old vintage bottles are in the trees in the beginning, off camber trails with steep descents remind you that you are human and fragile.

The ride did come to an abrupt end when Mrs Lonebiker called and luckily I answered (which is rare on the trails) and we had to head home fast. Dizziness at work and almost falling over is never a good thing.

After a return from the hospital it turns out an ear infection is what caused the panic.


To think I thought it was she missed me and couldn't take it anymore.

when ones nuts make contact with a headset a picture is to be had 

* Photo Credit Kent Steeves from top to bottom #2, #5, #7

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