Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beer Friday. Fergie Brewing, Kickstand Honey Kolsch

Beer Friday. May ninth, two-seventeen. Posted May 26th. Or so I believe...

I mean, who knows. When this is posted things will be getting heavy work wise. Writing this, it is my first day home and ladies and gents. It feels fantastic, other than being hit hard with allergies. The summer bikes (well bike) are ready to get out and from what it looks like. The trails are ready.

So here is hoping the rides are long and sweet. Despite feeling like a bag of shit.

Fernie Brewing located in Fernie, British Columbia has been featured on here before and let me just say damn... I want to live in Fernie. If only there was a way I can convince Mrs Lonebiker to make the move. What kind of drug would it take to convince her?

Wait a minute... Things are starting to get weird.

The honey kolsch made by Fernie takes after a German recipe so naturally the expectations are going to be high with this one. With Fernie brewing taking this one on. We know the expectations will be met. The pour gave a large three and three quartered fingered head that for being so big. Didn't last too long. That sexy lacing followed down the glass as we partook in this one.

The Kolsch tasted as expected. A refreshing one after doing some yard work. Oddly had a hard time finding the honey taste but it was there after a smattering of other tastes. Dried mango and a sweetened beer brought on from the honey I presume. Nothing to do back flips over and run to the store pushing old ladies over so you get there faster, it's still good though.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5

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