Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dead Legs @ 9.43KM

A shitty thing about working out of town on nights is the lapse in any sort of exercise to keep things going when gone. The effort to exercise up there does not exist. A part of the problem is not having the time to do it. Especially on nights. When home it is a challenge to get into riding shape as I seem to always be chasing the cobwebs out.

Sadly today I hit my wall much earlier than I should of. A ride from Kinseman to Shiny Balls which was originally planned to head into Terwillegar but once at the Talus Dome I knew I was done. So I skirted home via Laurier with a trip through Mackinnon to keep things in check.

Overall, a great ride despite the feeling of emptiness in the legs and a flat tire in the mosquito infested woods.

Yes, the mosquitoes are terrible right now so if you didn't know, bring some napalm or bug spray.

extreme happiness on six shooter
when you have to take your bike out of the woods to change a flat due to mosquitoes... 

This is Getting Repetitive

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