Friday, September 22, 2017

Beer Friday. Waterloo, Grapefruit Radler

On this, one hell of a September evening where the Lonebiker transport vehicle was stripped of all it's clothing as the weather is supposed to be absolute balls the next coupled days. Wait a second. Is balls a bad thing? Isn't that British? When something sucks, they say balls? Or is it bollocks? I'm confused now. I could just send an intern or simply look at the internets but I feel you, the reader will get more enjoyment out of this seeing how big of a yutz that I am.

This was also a real Friday even though it was written on a Wednesday and then will be posted on a Friday. I had a little job in Nisku which sadly took two of my precious days off away from me. I vowed to never do that again to the bike Gods but for the first time. It feels like I'm doing an old school beer review after work.

Waterloo brewing, located in Kitchener, Ontario has been around a long time and claim they were brewing craft beer long before the madness started. A claim that I can appreciate but will see how this company does when it comes to the testing side of things. I saw the can sitting in the corner of the beer fridge cooler looking a bit scared.

It knows what's at stake.

Radler's are the perfect hot weather sitting on the deck drink. On this hot night we couldn't welcome anything that looked more delicious. The pour gave a refreshing grapefruit drink that only a true man with no inhibitions can appreciate. We tasted and the grapefruit was there. Yet where was the alcohol?  It seemed weak, too weak. Even for a radler. A quick check on the can and it read. 3.1%. Wow. That's not too far off from fake beer that you can bring to your kids softball game and not get scrutinized. Well, maybe you will. So, do we just go ahead and call this stuff pop? No wonder it was scared in the cooler. This stuff is a freaking pussy!

We finished. We weren't happy.

This beer gets 1 sud out of 5.

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