Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Post Horsepistol Quickie

Armed on hospital food I hit the paved trails of the river valley to try and get back some lost kilometres from this set of days home. The rides have been slow on here as a close family member on  my wife's side has been in the hospital longer than they should after surgery.

So time spent has been different than what would normally be.

Tonights ride, the first in the dark for the back half of two-seventeen took me from Mill Creek to the Parliament and down to cross the mighty new Walterdale going the other way. Ohhhh... Look who's living large kids!

The dark valley had all the usual spooky shadows and things that would make one fear to tread alone but damn it... I rode that bitch tonight. 'We won't mention the corner I came around and thought there was a lion on the side of the trail will we ?' my subconscious asks.

Oh you dope! You typed it out. Geez...

Here is hoping for a good one tomorrow. Thursday is a wash, maybe Friday too... Sorry kids.

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