Monday, December 18, 2017

Beer Friday. R & B Brewing, Stolen Bike Lager

Greetings kids, writing this on a post root canal visit. Another visit to the dentist on days home and I'll be honest. This shit is really starting to get old. The good news is the major work is done (so I think) and I have only a few more visits to go to before things are complete and done... Sigh.

Welp.. At least I can go back up knowing I have no issues. This is the last review for days home so when it is posted I will be ending a long seventeen day stay up there. So when I'm up hitting the publish button getting ready to come home for fourteen days of bikes, family and Christmas. I'm expecting to be in a rather good mood.

This one was a donated by fellow brethren member Kent. A fine young chap. Youngest of the brethren but still old and wise enough to know a thing or two about being a decent member of society. Smart enough in his way of thinking. Smart enough with bike sense. Hats off sir Kent! You deserve it.

Do I start calling brethren members 'sir?' Will that be thing now?


The head pourer got it done and avoided a catastrophe (and firing) by giving it way too much head. In the end we had a  murky golden coloured beer with a fat guys two and a half fingered head. A hoppy smell romanced the nostrils and I was more than ready to try it. I sat hunched over with gauze stuck in my tooth drooling with droplets of blood pooling at the nose dimples ready for some relief.

Beer relief was on the way and it was in the form of R & B brewing. A good malty one with dark day old breads with a slight trace of reese peanut butter cup. Maybe that was a side effect of the tooth work done earlier, yet what a strange side effect indeed! In the end a very easy drinking beer that finishes dry.

To all the stolen bikes this one represents. We salute you.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

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