Saturday, January 20, 2018

First Ride of 18. Really?

Well it makes sense when you start the year on a two week work stretch in God's country. Than when I got home I just didn't ride. Blame the warm weather. Once a certain brethren member asked if this blog was turning into a music video blog I knew there was an issue. So off I went.

Kinseman to Ewok with a Dawson crossing and back was the order of the night. I parked with the intention of heading west. Kent was going to join but cancelled last minute unfortunately which changed the scope of this ride quite heavily.

The trail conditions are quite decent with some loose snow and some heavily iced up sections. Once I was on Old Timers I realized what I had missed out on and got sad. Or was I sad cause I was expecting Kent and his long flowing locks? Wait a tick. That bastard cut his hair! Well I'm glad he didn't show up now.

Nothing exciting to report. Other than trails are more fun than crack cocaine. I finished the ride on the north side and took it easy homeward bound.

Beer Friday. Driftwood Brewery, Fat Tug IPA

 Well here we are bringing back beer Friday after a few absent weeks.  Or so I think..  I feel like it's been a month or so but who know...