Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mill Creek Mixer

A quickie but rather delightful. With limited time I decided launching from the pool parking lot in Mill Creek and staying in the park interior was the best idea. Temptations where there to escape from Blue Man and see how things were on Dirty Mattress but it wasn't my old lady friend Victoria so I stayed.

The low trails were hit first after a visit to Earthshaker, a very fine trail that I look forward to riding in the summer. Up on top afterwards to one of my favourite legendary trails of all Edmonton time. The high side Mill Creek trails, I believe it's called the Trap.

The Trap? That's what it's called right? Gimme a minute, let me check. Yep! The Trap. Most legendary Edmonton trail ever? Hmmm... It's up there.

As far as conditions, things were good. Not as great as they were the last couple of days. The snow was still fine, the warm weather will wreak havoc sadly yet again.

A large number of people were in the area doing outdoor things which made me question becoming a serial killer for the third time in my life. Don't worry I always wash those serial killer thoughts down with a couple bottles of Big Bear Malt Liquor and a pack of Marlboro's.

This is why I love having a job where I'm off during the week, you don't get that weekend traffic which makes things pretty awesome. No people is a great thing. People are the worst. 

Except for you guys, Lonebiker readers are the best!

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