Thursday, April 26, 2018

Beer Friday. Lost Coast Brewery, Tangerine Wheat.

Hey folks, how you doing? After a three week stretch I am back for another instalment of Beer Friday written live! Wow. How cool.. Imagine that? No pre-done beer review saved for a later date.. This one is written on the night of. Just like the old days!

So how you all been doing?

Been fine, huh?

Getting out on those bikes and riding around the river valley whilst my pimply, pasty white ass was slaving away?

That's good. Not jealous one bit...

Seriously happy for each and every one of you..

No feelings of ill contempt here.. Nope. Not one bit.

Guys... Gals, I'm fine.. Can we move on?

The entire beer review staff is here and pumped to bring you this beer from Eureka California. A brewery that has been on here most recently in a review where spelling errors via a Mac computer due to auto correct had me looking at some mean texts from a close brethren member. Tears were shed and I moved on.

So I won't bore you with brewery and city details. We will go straight to the pour. Roxanne. Our new head beer pourer from Alabama joins our crew and she poured a big headed (it's ok, it's her first time and she was a little nervous) murky golden beer that filled the room with the sweet smell of tangerine. Have I mentioned yet that this is an amazing Led Zeppelin song?

As per the Lost Coast website this one is recommended for pool parties and laid back summer relaxing and after every sip I got the notion they were going for. This fucker was strong with the tangerine kids.

The first sip was.. You guess it. Tangerine! With a beautiful night out there I should have reviewed this on my patio with the laptop enjoying every sense this beer is worth instead of the dark and dungy beer review lab. Damn... I should have planned ahead.

The tangerine is the obvious overwhelming flavour in this one, some notes of... Oh fuck it. I'm not even going to try. Tangerine. Wait.. wheat!? There is wheat in here? Maybe, but tangerine is the main player in this delicious summer beer.

Get it. It's good.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5.

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