Thursday, June 21, 2018

Beer (so I thought) Friday. Strongbow, Apple Cider

Apple cider. The true blue drink of the hot summer days? I'm not quite on board yet although a fine lass from a previous job introduced ciders to me and I was pleasantly surprised. Fast forward to now and I have not had one since that day. Hell I think I even did a review on it. Lets have a look, while you are waiting go watch some youtube videos of model trains or something.

Well fuck... Strongbow Apple Cider I even went on a remote location to do a photo shoot. Can't have repeats on here now can we?

Having this again I agree with what was written although I would knock the rating down to 3.5. It just didn't excite me as much as back in the day. We will try to get some other cider to review before Summer ends, although the back lot of unreviewed beer is pretty full right now.

Ride Ends on Free Sign Day

Terribly sorry, had a good write up for this one but Blogger is sucking. This could be the end of this blog as my old mac does not bode well...