Sunday, June 10, 2018


You know how you feel greasy after sitting through a movie at a theatre? Covered in popcorn grease and spilled pop. You can literally grab a rag and rub the grease off your forehead as the credits for Men in Black 4 roll by and you seriously contemplate your life decisions. That is pretty much how I felt at the end of this one. Without the regret of course cause it was a bike ride which trumps pretty much anything. Did they make a MIB 4? Hmmm... I could Google that but I guess I'm not really all that interested.

The lack of riding as of late was for Lonebiker Jr, the eldest. Vehicle shopping has taken over and thankfully it ended today. A new vehicle added to the mix has created a traffic jam in my once wide open driveway. Seeing the joy makes it all worthwhile though and I snuck out for a quick 15-20km ride (I really don't know how far I went) in the rain.

The old school Mill Creek space was chosen as the launch pad and I took the Whyte ave area bike lanes to the High Level with a planned crossing but I kept going. "Fuck You High Level!" I yelled as I passed by. Now why would I diss my favourite bridge? Sheeit son. I gotta look at my heart and see what's wrong.

After cruising around the University I descended into the valley and crossed the sexy new Walterdale all the while feeling the heinous stare of the High Level as it glared at me for the mad disrespect I displayed as I passed by. I kissed my two peace fingers and waved it towards the almighty black bridge to appease the bridge Gods and I felt like it worked.

It was probably the water sloshing in my shoes as I peddled through the wetness that made me think. Ehhhh, maybe it's time to head back. The cold wetness shivers crept in afterwards so I did what most real men would do. A hot bubble bath complemented by candles and chill out music. Fuck ya!

don't think this guy is really making a good name for himself, be nice kids

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