Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Solstice Plus Three

 No this wasn't meant to be a solstice ride I just liked the idea of the title for this one.

A meet up with Kent after some long and hard thinking regarding the Altitude. The plan was to dispose and get a new one yet oddly enough for the first time in my life I have absolute zero passion for a new bike. I was going to go ahead anyways but figured why?

So new tires a brake bleed and some adjustment on the Ride Nine system (an RMB system that is pretty cool.) and my old bike was good to go renewed for another season.

Staff College was the starting point although Kent now lives in the heart of Terwillegar making ride starts pretty epic. Yet... I made him come meet me cause I am the power player in the relationship (you know... ceo of lonebiker and all.)

Go Trail was ridden and the Altitude came to life, new tires? New set up? Hmmm... Nevertheless, fuck me that can be a fun bike.

Some messing around throughout Terwillegar in Firemans and other spots and than we went to a brand new trail conveniently cut in if you want to avoid the boring pave ride up to Cameron Heights. Welcome Bottle Rocket. A trail built by... well shit. I don't know their names. I think I met one guy a while back and seemed like a nice guy. Well he is cause he builds trails.

Overall impression was good. It is obvious the trail need lots of traffic so here is hoping this happens. A few ladder bridges, a culvert crossing some hard berms make the trip down the pave a thing of the past.

Understandably it will be hard to find so Strava tracks posted. Head towards the water treatment plant and enter at the bend.

*Kent Steeves pics #3,4 & 7.

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