Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Beer Friday. Lake of the Woods, Sultana Gold

Fuck ya! Friday! A week of work is done and it is time to start planning a week off right smack dead in the middle of summer. Now how do I kick it off tomorrow?

Shall I go enter an amateur bowling tournament?

Take up golf??

Enjoy a day at the mall or better yet, Costco???

Pornhub all day whilst locked in my cold dank basement???? Gross!

All these question marks is really driving home the point on my excitement towards all these activities. Cause nothing proves a point like multitudes of question marks or exclamation points when you really want to convey your point. So please read and learn and post with multiple exclamation points and question marks when you are on your social networking activities.

I'm thinking bikes will probably rule out those fun sounding activities. Although the thought of hanging out in Costco has my loins in a raging fury. Oh wait, that was that other one I had listed.

Lake of the Woods brewery is located in Kenora Ontario. A stepping stone from Winnipeg to either Emo or Fort Francis where I work out of town sometimes at a mine. The brewery and the region is quite awesome. If you want to experience real Canadian lakes than I suggest you go there.

Sultana Gold is named after a famed Gold Mine in the region, nothing to do (so I think) with the one I'm at (although it's a gold mine too).

This beer much akin to gold is the flagship of the brewery. In fact many Sultana's we're had at the local bar in Emo with the boys after a long day doing man shit in the mine. It works well for me cause I come home and have lavender bubble baths with candles and ambient music with absolute zero shame.

Today was quite hot in the shop. So lets pour this bitch. The pour gave us a nice sun soaked golden wet dream of a beer with a fog that one couldn't discern that was happily poured by our new intern Olyn from Russia. The excitement overtook Olyn and she had to be rushed to the hospital for a condition the local doctors call "Lonebiker Beer Friday death cancer." Ya not really too sure why the harsh ending of words they chose to use there but many afflicted interns have been committed.

First sip was fine. A bready malty beer was sipped. Not one that took the summer heat away like one should but it was fine nevertheless. Odd cause it seems like this one reminds me of apple juice for some reason. I can't figure that out as the ones we had in Emo were tapped hence much different. The overall mouthfeel was nice but not making one ecstatic. It's a nice brew but doesn't stand out above the rest of the beers or craft breweries that are currently thriving thanks to hipsters and dorks with beer review blogs.

Much better on tap.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5.

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