Friday, September 28, 2018

And in Other News

Well after a good week of inactivity we are coming back to announce more inactivity is on it's way. A troubled leg that has been plaguing me is more evil than ever. The muscle strain that started it is not going away making the days off sets a chance to recover and try to be good for work. I'd guess karma is coming for all the fun I've made of office workers on here and Instagram. The amount of therapy I have recieved in the last month is ridiculous. Nothing seems to be working. After another doctor visit today, the second day off where I should be out riding we found out this could be a while till it's resolved.

So enjoy that fall riding kids. not sure when we will be back to normal. Sadly I have to focus on this issue to make work more comftorable meaning no rides till the muscle strain is gone. I'll try and get the beer review team together soon.

The Winds Blow in Alberta This Time of Year

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