Thursday, October 25, 2018

Forty Days

A ride after what is hoping to be the end of a rather nasty muscle strain. Forty days ago was my last roll which was a rather poor showing in the cold as I was typically unprepared.

Today though. The weather was unreal and a ride in Mill Creek to the outer reaches of Mill Creek (Old Timers) went down on the Rocky Mountain.

As per all the other long ride breaks this was much akin to the others.

*Sore lungs.
*Quickly tired legs.
*A struggle on the technical.
*Clumsily paced hard climbs.
* An overall sense of belonging (Awwww.)

In the end. It felt awesome. Writing this now with no leg strain issues other than knowing it is still there (with very little pain) I am hoping for round two tomorrow.

Giddyup kidlets.

trees came in handy today for rest spots on the climbs

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