Saturday, April 27, 2019

Beer Friday. Alley Kat Viridian Dragon

As we bring you another instalment of Beer Friday let it be known that a rather severe case of allergies has afflicted the entire beer review team (well... me) so that tonights final outcome might be compromised.

Yes that's right. I feel a disclaimer is much apropos to this review. Sorry to be a little bitch and get sick on days off. I know I should be out riding and writing about it. The ride on Thursday was great but the next day was quite sad. The temptations to take the shitbike out in the snow today were strong but I refused to take it out cause well..

So here we are. On a Saturday night getting ready to pour Alley Kat's Viridian Dragon into the tester glass and see where the night takes us. Alley Kat is my favourite brewery in Edmonton and I was gifted this one to test which makes me happier than a choir boy getting away from church camp.

A warning to you kids. This one could be very hard to find as it is a special limited edition release so if it's spectacular and you cannot find it. Please don't show up at my doorstep with pitchforks and burning empty wooden kegs like you did when you couldn't find Molson M.

We poured and a golden musty looking beer filled the review glass. It looked very typical of a strong IPA except there were no hipsters with man buns in the room to observe this. How disappointing.

The first sip was not what we expected from a double IPA as the IPA bitterness was there but not in high numbers. A few more were had and I took away tastes of  bready caramel biscuits (if there is such a thing) besieged by a wave of citric acid which surprisingly was quite the thing I needed. If you can find this, get it. It's not too shabby. Alley Kat brings out new double IPA's every two months. So go have a lookey loo.. I guess I would bring these into my review every two months if I was a passionate beer reviewer who loves Alley Kat.

Well sheeit.. That probably ain't gonna happen.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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