Sunday, May 26, 2019

Beer Friday. Red Bison Brewery, Spur Line.

Welcome back to Beer Friday done properly on a Sunday night. The Sunday night before I leave for work to be exact. Yes I was off and no I didn't ride the bikes all due to a muscle strain in my left leg. If you remember correctly I had the exact same problem with my right leg in the Fall lasted year which put an end to the fun for a couple months. Which I'm sure resulted in a plethora of bitching.

I could go on and bitch on here at how lame this is but I think I'll take on a new attitude this go around. Like I mean.. It's really cool limping everywhere I go when I walk anywhere. What's really going to be swell is the shape I will be in when I'm back after another set with this strain thing only starting! I have the entire Beer Friday beer review team off tonight and they are in a church praying things get better and get better fast. Cause guys. This sucks.

I poured all alone in the pouring pavilion and it was a nice somber change. It was quiet. No executives ordering anyone around. Oh wait... Red Bison. See! All I did was talk about myself there!

Located right in Calgary. Another fine looking craft brewery. Not too sure when they opened as the internet is not telling me jack shit. One thing I did find is a horrible review done by somebody who visited their pub. Which made me wonder, how are these business's protected from this kind of shit? Sure if your a terrible business than you deserve to get destroyed online but to the good ones with people with grudges. I'm sure it all works out in the end.

*waits for people to stop laughing.

So I poured this and a dark ale filled my glass with the hopes and dreams of a Calgary based brewery with one whiny online review would want. It filled the glass with hopes and dreams. All that and topped off with a two fingered orange head that spoke loudly much alike another orange face running things down below.

The first sip was quite nice. A smattering of pine cloves, burn't espresso, caramel malt with a slight touch of pine needle that doesn't come through too strong. Yet it's there. The second taste gave all of the same just on a smaller scale. It's like my taste buds are expecting it which tones down the taste a little bit. No it's not watered down, you'd like to think that wouldn't you? The tastes on the last two thirds of the glass were quite exquisite.  This one left a nice lacing on the glass. Nothing but win win Red Bison.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

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