Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Granny Gear World Championships

A recovery ride or just an attempt to get out cause I can? It was more of a feeling of wanting to get that trail euphoria again as I set out to Fort Saskatchewan. The order of the day? Even slower than usual and I kept it in granny gear for the whole ride which honestly started out as a way to relieve very sore muscles and it turned into a game of keeping it in granny gear the whole bike ride.

Oh the weird fun I have on bike rides...

Fort Saskatchewan. A place to ride when everything hurts from riding but you want to keep riding. A fellow rider on the trail scoffed at my admission that I came here to recover sore muscles. I asked him to show me where the hard relentless climbs are (nicely of course) and he could not. I did say things are challenging here but aerobically there are far harder trails to ride in Edmonton.

Am I right? If wrong please send emails cause I really care deeply on this subject.

The trails today were prime and filled me with the euphoria I was searching for. I don't know what it is about this week but the rides have each been absolutely spectacular.

And in the end. I won those Granny Gear world championships.

Beer Friday (yes we know its saturday) Stanley Park Brewing, TrailHopper IPA

This post is brought to you by Google Chrome!  Well here we are and as promised a beer review happened after a miserably failed ride attempt...