Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A Yellow Blur of Happiness

Ride of the year. Hands down. An unreal feeling of euphoria as I rolled through the fall colours which at times erupted into a yellow blur of riding orgasmic exhilaration.

Something about white older ladies today. I scared two of them coming off singletrack transitioning onto the pavement, multi use.. It was a bit humorous, not gonna lie. I was in complete control and slowed down quickly once I saw their arms flailing. One yelled at me to slow down and I kindly told her I did and was in complete control. If I wasn't I would be in the woods or on top of her and her older white lady dog with screams of terror emanating from underneath.

None of that happened.

After the second encounter where the lady was a bit more cool than the first but really she wasn't. It happened on Ewok. She glared as I passed. Yes I had no bell but the freewheel on the Moot's is quite loud so I thought things were good. Apparently not.

After the second encounter I was afraid the white ladies were sending signals to all the other white women and when I came around a corner there would be an army of enraged white older women with "I want to speak to the manager haircuts" chasing me down the trail. Luckily that didn't happen and the ride was supremely incredible.

The ride from Old Timers to Andre's took me across Gretzky bridge and back through Dawson Traverse back before hitting Ewok upper back. Mill Creek Was ridden with a ride high up and down into the bottom where dickface's new house is being built. Blue man took me up where the ride was finished on West Coast.

The ride was incredible. The conditions are beyond perfect now and with rain tomorrow this might be the incredible for this short week off. The weather and trails plus riding an incredibly fun hardtail made this nothing but win win.

Except for older white ladies.... They are trouble.

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