Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pre Halloween Monster Stomping

I could not think of another name for this ride post. Hence. this is what you get.

Halloween is a day away, and I think I did pretty good for the time of year. I mean you get monsters. You get stomping.. I mean that's violent. That is Halloween isn't it? Scary shit mixed in with a little bit of entertaining violence?

Come on...  I mean look at those pictures. Who wears gloves with holes like that? Look at that bike saddle! Ouch! You go out in public like this lonebiker?

Ya! It's Halloween bitch! Your supposed to be disheveled in a way...

*Intern leans in whispers "halloween's tomorrow. Did you forget already? I mean you wrote it three short paragraphs ago."

Why yes. I am aware of the time of year. And I fired that intern too for standing up to me.

A bike ride from Kinseman.. No wait. Old Timers! Yes it was Old Timers cabin that started one of the best bike rides of the year. That last sentence was written knowing the lack of riding taken place this year. Why my Strava kindly reminded me I rode my bike three times this month. That's great, and fuck you Strava.

Conditions are impeccable right now. So get out there kids. The riding could not get any better than this. It is amaze right now.

I gotta go back to work so you know. Think I'm gonna take that thought out of my head by beating the shit out of that intern now trying to get out of the secured parking lot but that little bastard had his swipe card revoked upon firing.

Ha ha ha! I'm evil.

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