Sunday, February 2, 2020

This Could be Anywhere in the World

The naming of rides after Alexisonfire songs continues after a roll through the usual stomping grounds of Millcreek and the Ewok area.

Fighting with the post night shift blues and sleeping a good chunk of the day away I knew I had  to ride despite missing the opening quarter or more of the Super Bowl.

I'll be honest here. There is a football game on and I can't focus on writiing this.

Snow and trail conditions are not great despite what I read on social media this morning.. or this afternoom when I wokeup. Lots of potholes and rough spots from people out in the warm weather. I did find things nice and tacky on the short power climbs so thats a plus.

the canoe event getting in the way again for another year 

The Rocky Mountain Snow Shoe Club

With another failed ride attempt yesterday on the Winter Warrior with a chain snapping near the beginning of a ride and nothing to repair it...