Saturday, August 29, 2020

Beer Friday. Jasper Brewing, Crispy Tall Bois

Beer Friday!🎤 Beer Friiiiday 🎼 Isn't it time to drink some beer for the week 🎶
Oooh yes, it's review time 🎤.. Oh beer reviews 🎹 Oh how some of them lose... 🎺
Beer. Beer Beer.🎵
Review. Review Review.🎧
Run. Run. Run.🎶
To your computer. 🎻
And get all you can out of a beer review.🎹
It's for you! 🎤 It's for the Jews! 🎵 Hell man, it's for everybody! 🎷
The Lonebiker Beer reviews are the first step to world peace. 🎤
So drop your piece and get a computer.🎼
You fools. 🎺

So I made up a song and thought we should have a theme song of some sort to kick Beer Friday off on a proper note. I mean it's been years of these and I never had any sort of song. I mean maybe why that is the reason why I haven't gone full Joe Rogan on this venture. The lyrics do need some polishing up but I did my best.

Another two weeks has come and gone and we are back with some sort of local beer flavour. All the way from Jasper Alberta we get Jasper Brewing again back for another round. And yes, I am positive we did not review this one, in fact I will do a Google search right now..

And Bingo. We are good to go.

The interns just got through the security gate and we are ready to go, let's pour this bitch.

The pour was a pure golden summer bountiful of goodness. A small one adult and a baby's hands head remained for a short time and dissipated to a small simmering head that showed it's commitment to lacing as it ran up the glass during consumption teasing you like those 90's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions did.

The first few sips showed promising signs of a nice easy Summer beer one could have while barbecuing with friends or family. Of course properly sanitized and socially distancing! I mean geez! This one tastes of how a well brewed tasting pilsner should taste. I don't know how a pilsner tastes? I mean like I said from the beginning. These beer reviews are amateur! I guess pilsners are a hard to discern taste. To me this is common white man beer and Jasper Brewing knocked this out of the park.

This will sound like a beer commercial from the 90's (wow! Two nineties references, one blog post!) but this one truly is cool, crisp and refreshing. How a true pilsner should taste! Now picture me with a mullet and some badass Oakley sunglasses taking a big swig of Jasper Brewing's Crispy Tall Bois with a couple of big haired 90's chicks on my side!

Fuck yes Jasper Brewing, Fuck yes...

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

2nd pic to show badass back of can 

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