Monday, September 14, 2020

A Ride in the Woods

A definite year end top fiver. The ride which almost didn't happen as things have been quite hectic happened.

Conditions right now are some of the best that I could ask for. With the cool Canadian air that I love the trails were all prime which added to the awesome that was set before me. I started in Kinseman and took the mighty Menzies across for a warm up on river valley road before climbing up to Wonder woman to ride her.

Ride the trail... Please don't. I even had a whole thing going there with funny and awkward sexual connotations but erased it as I don't want to get cancelled by those mean people on Twitter.

The climb up was great. I know this is mainly a one way trail being down but riding hard trails up had always been a pasttime of mine. I looped around hoping to ride Purple Haze to loop back to Wonder Woman but misjudged the entrance and was way too low so I passed the Wonder Woman downhill for another day.

First bridge of Mackinnon took me out and I descended into Laurier on the fun side of things. I found the outside loop trail that avoids all the Karens and psychos. I believe it was Jason and Gord who showed me the great little bypass.

A crossing happened near shiny balls and I eventually found myself climbing out of the valley via Sprite (I believe?) and for the first time rode up without no breaks. I was somewhat full of piss and vinegar today and my feelings of being somewhat fast and good at riding were squashed when I was passed by a high school kid in between RayGun and Silver Fox.

My trying to keep up with him turned into trying to catch him turned into him disappearing and me stopping my bike to "check" my chain.

I believe I saw him again on E.M.P Blast again and felt a little touchy when we passed by and I did a terrible job of moving and he hit the ditch. It was not that bad as the speeds were very slow and I saw his front tire go off the trail. I rode on.

Man, I was a massive dick back there wasn't I?

Shit... Sorry kids. I am usually quite nice on the trails and would have most likely stopped when a rider approached on singletrack.

In the end. It was very minor, think my head overplayed things. If this somehow finds that guys way. Sorry dude. Totally my bad.

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