Friday, December 18, 2020

Beer Friday. Sea Change Brewery, Irish Red Ale


Another installment from our local brewery here in Beaumont, Alberta. Perhaps, sadly one of the only cool things this town has to offer. When you put a bunch of white people together into a boring bedroom community full of houses there is never really an exciting vibe going on anywhere at any time. Not even for half a second. Well... Maybe there is some excitement over at Sea Change?

And you know what guys? I am a white and would not have this town any other way. Basic and boring is perfect when it comes to where I live. 

These days off are not off to a great start for the riding side of things sadly. With Christmas fast approaching things have been quite busy for obvious middle aged white guy reasons. I mean... It's December the 18th and I still haven't put up any outside lights! Gasp! Between that and some trips to the local stores... Guys. I have to admit, I have no idea? Are the stores even open now? If not, I will be legit screwed as I have done nothing so far as I am a piece of shit excuse for a human. Would online orders come in time? 

I hear you judging me over there and I don't like it one bit.

We poured and a dirty red irish ale filled our tester mug. A small one pink fingered head stood around quickly and quickly dissipated to some tracing on the top, like a hot tub that where the jets were just shut off. The smell was of a light baked goods dough.

We sipped and enjoyed this Irish ale. Notes of bread dough and pears hit me faintly for some reason. This one seems to do well in the Canadian winter. In fact with every sip I look outside and a tear runs down my cheek. Is the beer that good? It's great but... those winter feels man.. I don't know what to tell ya. With a chance this exact beer was probably brewed a couple kilometres down the road has me in tears. No.. wait. It's that Canadian winter man.. Dear lord I need to get out on my bike. 

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5.

On a final note. A shout out to my Aunt Gloria who recently died of covid. The funeral was today and this is just a friendly reminder to listen to the Doctors. If they say wear a mask, please do. If they ask you to distance from people, please do. This is a real thing and it is affecting a lot of people. Don't listen to social media. That place is for maniacs. 

For the love of God, just be good humans. 

Thanks eh. 

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