Monday, December 21, 2020

Newbs & Bewbs

One very noticeable addition to riding with this covid thing is all the new entrants to the fat bike world. 

That was a bit more noticeable today as I rode from Fort Edmonton to the start of Raven.. No wait! Silver Fox in Emily Murphy. Whoa man.. Good thing I caught that. I'm sure a team of EMBA thugs would be on their way to Lonebiker HQ with bike pumps as weapons riding fixies to come lay a thrashing on me. How dare I announce I rode on the wrong trail.

"But you did ride Raven" said an intern from a dark corner of the studio.

Oh yes.. Indeed I did. For the first time heading east too! It was an event to say the least as the trail downright owned me for the first climbs. Well to tell you the truth, every power climb I came across owned me today and that's fine. 

The snow was fine today and I hope we get some more soon. Not that there is a lack of snow, to me it seems like the valley needs a fresh carpet laid down in the Winter from time to time. 

As I had mentioned, lots of newbs were out today and I am sure all over the valley especially in the warmer weather. Not a big deal, just be aware as they might not be up to the IMBA (or just, common sense) rules as I was climbing a couple times today and on each climb I was met with people descending with zero regard to me climbing. I did have to go off trail once and unclip and walk the rest of the way which did anger me a tad. 

Nobody who has been riding a fair amount over the last few years would do this. 

Back at the parking lot a group of Bewbs were hanging out in their F-150's and Dodge Rams smoking butts and drinking beer with their fat bikes sitting there for a post ride hang out. I guess with bars closed this kind of thing can happen, but they ride bikes on the same trails as me? < Oh man.. Could that probably be the most pretentious thing I ever typed on here? What's that? "No. Not even close." said the same intern hiding in the corner. It was a good thing he was hiding. 

I think the regular valley folk get my sentiment. We don't want more trashy people coming to the valley. Yes that is a very elitist statement, I get it so please don't send angry emails. 

The bike world is changing thanks to this covid bullshit and I don't like it. Now get off my lawn!


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