Saturday, January 2, 2021

A Guy, His Bike And a Whole New Year


Yes, some of these pictures were given to the photo fuckery department to add some filters and change the lighting and balance because my fancy iPhone cannot take great pictures 100% of the time and when I uploaded them they looked grainy. 

It was a great start to Twenty-Twenty-One as Mill Creek's old school parking spot took me out to the big dark valley on a ride that I thought didn't have much potential but turned into one hell of a way to start the year. 

Heavy pedestrian traffic greeted me in the dusk of MillCreek but it was fine cause soon I was into the singletrack and away from the madness for a bit. The theme of the day was to take it a bit easier than I should and I avoided all the harder trails. I rode up Blue Man Group and found myself in Old Timers a bit confused as to where I should end up. 

I stopped under the Groat Road bridge and pondered my movements. I thought of crossing and taking the muts back to MIll Creek but I heard the cries of Victoria from a distance calling my name. 

What a fool! I didn't even wish my lady a Happy New Year yet! So I picked up a bottle of wine and was enroute! 

I did the usual Groat Road Rollercoaster (Lovers Lane) to make it a loop and it was quite delicious in the dark. I hit Victoria's Secret after and pondered the thought of crazy people possibly raping me, beating me, stealing my bike and leaving me for dead. It is a sketchy area after all but you know something? Love conquers getting raped and murdered. I rode through Victoria with no brushes with death, hell not even a whiff of another human was in the area which was top notch. 

I entered Victoria park and observed the skating path they have there and giggled at the over crowding skaters that were there. Half were wearing masks, half were not. It was yet another confusing thing to see in a pandemic that took over last year. I get it. People are sick of this and people have to get out. 

But come on man...

An uneventful ride back where I resorted to the paved trails of Mill Creek as my lights died. 

A great start to 2021. 

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