Sunday, January 31, 2021

Bike Lane Purgatory

Finally getting out after a heavy state of zombification  seemed to take over things. The pathetic zombie like state was there today yet again and I had to get Mrs Lonebiker to get the family shotgun out and threaten me with it just to get out the damn door. 

I had no idea where to start today. I knew the singletrack was apparently prime all thanks to Hardcore bikes Instagram who post the important things and don't get in on the narcissism that you see with so many accounts. 

I started at Strathcona High school and took the direct bike lanes to the End of the World area where I rode the ridge to the start of  Ray Gun and yes. They were right about the singletrack. Things are prime right now although I cannot speak for the whole valley as I just tasted a nugget today. 

The winter wonderland scenes are back in the trees and some of the scenes on Ray Gun and Silver Fox were out of this world. I know Swift is cool and all cause you have your own little avatar guy that rides around England but why the hell would anyone choose their basement over this?  

Is it Swift or Schwift? Ahh who cares... 

Peleton is cool too. You get your very own attractive trainer that comes and yells at you at your house via a screen because people cannot get motivated by themselves anymore I guess. I shudder to think of when they have these screens on bikes and people have their virtual trainers follow them throughout the river valley *sideshow Bob shudders... 

Sorry, I am quite grumpy from lack of sleep. I am a classic older guy that is tired of all the technology that is being dumped on riding. 

Bikes are made for going outside and forgetting your problems. 

In the end, a great ride despite the pure unadulterated high rate of fatigue (yes it seems like I over exaggerated that last sentence but holy shit guys..) 

The valley trail time was quick because I climbed out back into endless bike lanes back to the Jeep. 

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