Monday, January 18, 2021

Elk Island Winter Bike. Hayburger Trail


I really could have used some more trail after this, the 11.9km this one provides was just not enough today. Another trip out to Elk Island this time on Hayburger Trail. It was Christmas eve when I rode Moss Lake Trail and yes that trail is better than Hayburger. 

There is nothing wrong with Hayburger. It is decent. It had the wide open creeks and fields that you stumble across like the ones at Moss Lake, well considering Moss Lake is just up the road the terrain is the same. 

The trails are not singletrack despite what you might read on the interwebs. They are doubletrack I am assuming so they could get a quad down there in case of some sort of rescue. Mind you... These trails have been here forever. 

As I have said before. You do not go ride Elk Island for the amazing singletrack. If you want amazing singletrack stay in the city or the mountains are three hours a way. Elk Island is amazing for the views and when the sun hits some of those meadows just right. All I gotta say is damn...

This ride is short and flat so if you have any sort of fitness built up, plan to do a couple loops or ride Moss Lake after. In my sad state of current fitness the short low 12km was not nearly enough for me today. 

Once again, not one animal was seen today other than some dogs faithfully walking with their owners. There is bison galore in this park so it is inevitable a run in will happen the more time I spend here. 

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